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Tell your story. Attend your dream school.

The Writing Sage is more than an applications counselor. She's a coach, a mentor, a muse, an advocate, a collaborator, and a therapist (for the parents as well as the student!). We might not have made it through this process in one piece without her. Alex is off to Georgetown, and we are thrilled. Book her ASAP - you'll feel lucky to have her on your team. 

~Francoise, Parent

Students~ Writing college essays doesn't have to be a painful affair! It's actually an opportunity for creativity and growth. It can even be--dare I say? Fun. Perhaps, like most students, this is the first time you've been asked to self-reflect and share intimately about yourself in writing. Over and over again. On a deadline. (Yikes!) Perhaps you feel like your entire future is hinging on these 650 words, and any excitement you have about what may lie on the other end of the admissions process is eclipsed by your anxiety about the application itself. Okay, that's not so fun. But there is another way! Enter moi - your college essay coach and new best friend. I'll help you:

- Stand out in your application

- Strategically plan your essays so they highlight your best attributes

- Capture your personality in writing

- Stay organized and ahead of schedule

- Cultivate clarity and confidence

Because you're more than

your SAT scores!

Tell your story.

Attend your dream school.

Parents~You want what's best for your child, but the college admissions process can be complex and overwhelming. Don't let it take over your life or put a strain on your relationship with your son or daughter. Let me do the dirty work. I hold your child accountable, ensuring he or she not only stays organized and on top of deadlines but also produces his or her best work. When you hire an essay coach, you are investing in your child's future as well as his or her abilities as a writer. The skills students gain from working with me serve them throughout their lives. In fact, parents often hire me for themselves after witnessing their children's transformation and success! As an admissions consultant, I guide students through the entire application process and make sure they come out shining. I offer:

- Comprehensive application consulting

- Organizational support & stress reduction 

- Strategic essay planning & interview prep

- Weekly Zoom calls and progress reports

- Unlimited revisions

Why hire a writing tutor?

Regardless of one's interests or career path, the ability to express oneself in writing with eloquence and precision is an invaluable skill, yet most students do not receive adequate grammar lessons, and many struggle to capture their thoughts on the page. As a writing tutor, I demystify the writing process so that it is energizing and accessible instead of tedious and painful. I offer specialized writing sessions individually tailored to meet each student's need. I help students:

- Understand the rules of English grammar

- Learn the art of sentence structure 

- Outline well-structured essays 

- Develop their unique voice 

- Overcome writer's block

- Generate first drafts with speed and efficiency

- Organize, cite, and annotate research

- Become expert editors (writing = rewriting!)

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Why work with me?

Over the last decade, I have helped hundreds of students become exceptional writers and gain admission to their top choice schools. Writing personal statements is just that - personal! I bring humor and compassion into a process that can otherwise feel demoralizing, so that students feel seen and supported every step of the way. As an admissions expert and Yale alum, I provide strategic consultation on every part of the application to ensure that my clients stand out from the thousands of other applicants. My background as a professional theater director makes me uniquely equipped to provide generous, actionable, and precise feedback to help students shine in their interviews and essays. I have developed a proven method to aid students in crafting unforgettable essays that unlock unforgettable futures.


As a writing tutor, I offer rigor and inspiration at each stage of the writing process, from initial brainstorms to final revisions. I teach students to find their voice and express themselves with eloquence and precision using techniques that will serve them throughout their lives.


WARNING: Students may fall in love with writing after working with me!

My Story...

Deemed "the writer" by my fifth grade teacher, I have been skillfully weaving together tapestries of language since before I even had very much to say. I wrote my way into the Ivy League, studying theater and political science at Yale University. There I honed my skills writing personal essays and ultimately won nearly a third of my tuition back in the form of fellowships and grants, which enabled me to travel to and pursue projects in West Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.  

After graduating from Yale, I moved to Buenos Aires, where I taught English grammar to top executives, translated plays and dissertations, and ran a community theater program. I then relocated to New York City to direct theater and later enrolled in a Masters program at the California Institute of the Arts, where I studied immersive design and creative writing. 


As an educator and admissions consultant, I worked for several prestigious college-prep agencies in New York City and San Francisco before eventually launching The Writing Sage.  I have since worked with hundreds of students and professionals around the world on memoirs, pitch decks, books, screenplays, research articles, speeches, and of course, college essays. 


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