Tell your story, attend your dream school.

80% of valedictorians don’t get into their first choice schools. 75% of qualified applicants are rejected from top-tier universities.


Their essays fail to distinguish them.

Unforgettable essays unlock unforgettable futures. 



Writing is an art;

the college essay is a science. 

I help you master both. 


Working with The Writing Sage was amazing! She taught me more than any of my English teachers did. We worked together to plan and revise my college essays and supplements. I'm now enrolling at Trinity, Dublin!

—  Leah, Student

Students, you feel like your entire future is hinging on 650 words. 

You have a story to tell, but you can't figure out the right angle. You're ready to run off and join the circus just to avoid this painful process. (Psst! It doesn't have to be painful! Also, circuses are cool.) 

Parents, I'm guessing it's been a minute since you applied to college? 
The rules of the game are rapidly evolving, and this is an especially unusual and competitive year. Imagine being able to relax knowing your child's applications were in the hands of an expert. 
Why hire an essay consultant?
Students who work with a qualified consultant are guaranteed to outperform their competition by avoiding common mistakes that lead to rejection, selecting strategic essay topics that make them stand out from others, capturing admissions committees' attention with their activities lists, and staying ahead of deadlines without the typical stress and burnout. 
Enter moi, your college essay coach & new best friend.
I'm Lianne, a Yale alum who's helped hundreds of students gain admission to their top choice schools. (Yes, including the Ivies!) I can help you, too.  
Why work with me?
I bring humor and compassion into a process that can otherwise feel demoralizing. I encourage students to embrace the writing process as an opportunity for self-reflection and growth. I provide insider tips gleaned from over a decade of admissions experience. And I have a damn good track record. 
The skills students learn from me serve them throughout their lives.
Hiring me is an investment not only in your child's future, but also in his or her abilities as a writer. The ability to express oneself with eloquence and precision is an invaluable skill, yet most students struggle to get their thoughts on the page. I teach students essential techniques with which to master the written word.
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