Tell your story, attend your dream school.

Because you're more

than your GPA!

Admission rates dropped as low as 4.9% this year. 

How will you distinguish yourself? 

Enter moi, your college application strategist
& new best friend.
I'm Lianne, a Yale alum who's helped hundreds of students gain admission to their top choice schools over the last decade. My passion is supporting students as they discover themselves, their values, and their voices through the college application process. 

Pssst! It doesn't have to be painful!
Why hire an application strategist?
It's a lot to navigate, and there's a lot at stake. COVID-19 transformed the admissions process, making this the most competitive year to date.  What got you in before won't get you in now.  Students who work with a qualified counselor are guaranteed to:
  • Outperform other applicants
  • Avoid common mistakes that lead to rejection
  • Write outstanding essays that win scholarships and help admissions counselors advocate for them
  • Get their acceptance letters without the typical stress and burnout 
  • End up at the school where they belong
The skills students learn from me serve them throughout their lives.
It's more than writing a personal statement; it's learning to express oneself with eloquence and authenticity. It's more than building a resume; it's about self-actualization. It's more than college counseling; it's life design.


Working with The Writing Sage was amazing! She taught me more than any of my English teachers did. We worked together to plan and revise my college essays and supplements. I'm now enrolling at Trinity, Dublin!

—  Leah, Student



  •  Identify the essential building blocks of their application.

  • Determine the most powerful steps they can take to increase their competitiveness

  • Create a sense of clarity around what they are looking for in a school.

  • Decide on an early action strategy.

  • Develop independent projects that leads to personal and intellectual growth and help them stand out in the admissions process.  

  • Build a well-balanced school list that gets them excited for the future.

  • Brainstorm, outline, and revise all supplements. 

  • Write unforgettable personal statements.


  • Enroll where they belong

Who do I work with? Students with personality, passion, and purpose.

My students inspire me with their intellectual curiosity, concern for humanity, creativity, and drive. It's a pleasure to support their dreams by ensuring that their applications capture the brilliant and multifaceted people they are. 
Why work with me?
I bring humor, empathy, and creativity to a process that can feel demoralizing. I assess the application as a whole, strategizing to ensure the various components coalesce to paint a rich, authentic, and nuanced portrait of the student. I have over a decade of experience–and I have a darn good track record

Writing is an art, the college essay is a science.