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80% of valedictorians don’t get into their first choice schools. 75% of qualified applicants are rejected from top-tier universities.

Why? Their essays.  

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“Your child will love working with The Writing Sage. She inspires students to work hard and learn craft to achieve their goals. Our daughter was accepted to Brown and we are over the moon! Thank you a million times over, The Writing Sage!” 


—  Lisa, Parent

Writing is an art;

the college essay is a science. 

Unlock the complex algorithm that's keeping you from your dream school, learn the secret formula to an unforgettable personal statement, and avoid the 5 common mistakes that lead to instant rejection.

Students, you feel like your entire future is hinging on 650 words. 

You have a story to tell, but you can't figure out the right angle. Imagine having an expert by your side coaching you through each prompt so that your essays skyrocket you to the top of the "must have" list.

Parents, this is an especially competitive and unusual year. 
It's overwhelming for families to navigate such a rapidly changing landscape. Imagine being able to sleep at night knowing your child is in expert hands. I attend weekly conferences to gain insider tips about how best to shepherd my students towards success.
Why hire an essay consultant?
Students who work with a qualified consultant are guaranteed to outperform their competition. Without distinguishable  essays, your child may be shut out from the schools she belongs at. The skills students gain working with me serve them throughout their lives. You're investing not only in your child's future but also in her abilities as a writer. 
Enter moi, your college essay coach & new best friend.
I'm Lianne, a Yale alum who's helped hundreds of students gain admission to their top choice school over the last decade. Yes, I can help you, too.  


Strategic planning of all supplements

& personal statements

Organizational support & time-management

Weekly coaching calls & progress reports

Unlimited line edits & revisions

Customizable packages to meet each student's needs

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